Odd Breed Wild Ales

Our Beers

We brew a variety of beers and our lineup is always changing. The beers we make can generally be organized into the following categories below.

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales

These beers are typically low to moderate in alcohol, brewed with European malts and European and/or American hops. We employ open fermentation with a variety of Belgian and English ale yeasts alongside our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria before patiently aging in French oak puncheons. (examples include Past & Future Saison, Dinkel Wheat, Pinnacle Plot, Grisette, etc.)

Lambic-Inspired Wild Ales

We make a range of beers inspired by traditional Belgian Lambic. We brew with a combination of imported Pilsner malt and domestic raw wheat, and lots of aged whole cone hops. We employ a traditional turbid mash and lengthy boil before a long, slow fermentation in large French oak puncheons. (examples include Spontaneous Design, In Memoriam, Second Anniversary Ale, etc.)

Dark Beers

We brew a variety of dark beers that are aged in French or American oak barrels with our house mixed culture. We have made Sour Red Ales and Oud Bruin inspired by the beers of Flanders, as well as mixed culture Imperial Stouts, Baltic Porters, hybrid styles, and a variety of blended dark beers. (examples include Torito, Soma Stout, Relatable Relic, Barrel of Funk Batch 4 and 5 etc.)


Many of our beers are blended from multiple different types of beers. Most of our beers are blended from similar beers to achieve balance, while others are blended to create something wholly unique that cannot be achieved with a single brew. Our Oddities and Outliers series was created as a way to focus on blending disparate beers to achieve a finished product that is greater than the sum of its parts. (Oddities and Outliers Blend 1, 2, 3)

Fruited Beers

We referment a variety of our beers with fruit, and our preference is using fresh, local fruit whenever possible. We only use whole fruit, and never use extracts, concentrates, or purees. And whenever we are able to use Florida fruit, we purchase directly from the farmer. (examples include Fresh Off The Farm with Peaches, Fresh Off The Farm with Kumquats, Fresh Off The Farm with Passion Fruit, Fresh Off The Farm with Starfruit, Squib Cakes, Cherry Saturation, etc)

Boundary Pushing

Creating beers that defy categorization allows us to explore the vast possibilities with mixed culture fermentation and barrel aging. Some of these creations are inspired by beverages other than beer, while others are simply products of our imagination. These are some of our most unique beers. (examples include Uppercase Poems, Narrow Bandwidth of Reality, Harmonic Oscillator, Reality is Obscure, Mezcal Bugs, Feral Cat Empire, etc.)

Past Bottle Releases