Odd Breed Wild Ales

Our Story


We chose the name Odd Breed for our brewery because the yeast and bacteria we use are not the typical microbes used in a brewery for fermentation. In a world of industrialized and mainstream beer, most other brewers would consider our brewery and process to be a bit odd. 

We think that being different is a good thing, and in a crowded market where most breweries are emulating whatever they think is popular or trendy, we have purposefully chosen to create our own path, as we strive to produce the types of beers we like most. 

"Creativity and unmatched ability to craft fascinating ales unlike anything most consumers have experienced."


Six years before opening Odd Breed, Matt began developing what is now our house mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. Matt turned a spare room into a yeast lab, and began collecting and blending some of his favorite yeast and bacteria strains while getting a better understanding of the microbes and blends that produce his favorite flavors. Many of the yeast cultures grown in this rudimentary lab were used to create some of the first commercial batches of mixed culture beer in Florida, and were served at Brewzzi brewpub in Boca Raton. 

Over the years, our house mixed culture has evolved into what it is today. Our mixed culture is the soul of our brewery, and the most important ingredient in our beer. We believe in Flavor From Fermentation!

"Odd Breed Wild Ales stands as one of a new breed of American brewers."


Matt developed a palate for beer after living in Belgium for a couple of years, and started homebrewing in college. After graduating with a degree in Microbiology from Clemson University, Matt started working at Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina – first as assistant brewer, then head brewer. Here he brewed a wide variety of styles, but wasn’t allowed to experiment with commercial sized batches. 

The taboo of using wild yeast and souring bacteria (especially in South Carolina in 2008) only made Matt more curious and eventually obsessed with the production of wild beers.

In 2010, Matt moved to Berlin to study brewing and malting science and receive his Brewmaster’s Diploma from German College VLB. His studies further fueled his fascination with wild beers. 

After studying in Germany, Matt moved to Florida and worked as Brewmaster at Brewzzi brewpub for 5 years before launching Odd Breed. Matt enjoys creating many classic beer styles, but working with wild yeast and barrels is his passion and the focus of our brewery.