Odd Breed Wild Ales

Spiffy Kicks

Spiffy Kicks is a Golden Wild Ale conditioned on the spent peaches used to make Svengali. Some may remember our Farmhouse Ale with spent peaches named Gold Shoes. This beer is similar to Gold Shoes, but there are some differences. Gold Shoes is made with Pilsner malt and raw wheat, whereas Spiffy Kicks includes the same grain but also includes a generous amount of Spelt. Spelt adds more protein and body, with a unique doughy flavor. Both beers feature a lot of our aged hops, but Spiffy Kicks has almost twice as many hops as Gold Shoes. Gold Shoes was made with aged US Liberty hops, and Spiffy Kicks was made with aged Styrian Golding. 

The peach varietal known as Florida Sweeties was used to create Gold Shoes, and we hand-picked those peaches on the west coast of Florida in a small town called San Antonio. Those peaches were surprisingly large (for Florida peaches) and were extremely juicy. We used those peaches at a rate of 3.3 pounds per gallon of beer. The peaches used to make Spiffy Kicks were used at a more restrained rate of 1.5 pounds per gallon of beer, but these unique peaches called UF Suns were more intensely flavored than the Florida Sweeties. The UF Suns came from a farm in Indian River, which is an area more commonly known for grapefruit than peaches. 

Spiffy Kicks pours slightly hazy golden with high effervescence and a frothy white head. The complex aroma is a mix of tropical stone fruit, oak, and Brettanomyces funk. The flavor is brimming with juicy peach notes, which is surprising for a second use fruit. As with all our spent fruit beers, there are tannic contributions from the skin, and this beer also included some of the pits (we removed 2/3) of the pits. The pits contribute a subtle nougat, almost almond-like flavor. 

Spiffy Kicks is medium bodied with moderate acidity, and is 6.3% ABV. Bottles go on sale on our website at 9am on Saturday, and will be $22 each with no limits. We will also have bottles for sale in our tasting room.