Odd Breed Wild Ales

Resin on my Thumbs / Golden Eyes

Resin on my Thumbs

Mixed culture Saison aged in neutral French Oak Puncheons for 13 months, then infused with Cannabis Terpenes. Terpenes are the non-psychoactive flavor molecules responsible for the aroma and flavor of Cannabis, which is a genetic relative of hops. We used a combination of the strains G-13 and Lemon Kush for pungent aromas of sandalwood, cedar, a herbaceous spice and lemon undertones. This beer smells and tastes like the finest herb on the planet. 5%.

Golden Eyes

This golden wild ale was aged in French Oak Puncheons for several months with our house mixed culture. Brewed with raw wheat, rye, oats, and hopped with German Callista. Firm acidity with notes of starfruit and citrus. 5%.