Odd Breed Rare Bottle Club Third Edition

Rare Bottle Club renewals will open for existing second edition members as of Friday July 31st at 9AM. Visit shop.oddbreed.com to renew your membership.


You will need to log in with the same email address you used for second edition in order to see the item. 

Current club members that renew their membership by the end of the day on Saturday, August 1st will get a complimentary 750ml bottle of Mango Wild Ale with Fresh Amarillo Hops!

Below are the many benefits of RBC membership: 
Rare Bottle Club Third Edition
  • 6 Unique Beer Releases available to club members only     

     -3 releases will be in 375ml bottles, 3 releases will be in 750ml bottles

     -2 bottles of each release (12 bottles total)

  • 1 RBC T-Shirt
  • 2 RBC Glasses
  • 10% Off Draft Beer in Taproom
  • Early Access to Bottle Releases (Online)
  • Access to limited, member exclusive releases that will not be sold to the public
  • Option to pick up the bottles yourself or assign a trustee to do so for you
  • First dibs on Fourth Edition Rare Bottle Club
  • $300 + Tax
While unlikely, bottle release format is subject to change
Total of 6,750 ml of beer will be distributed
We will allow all bottles to be picked up at the end of the club, as long as they are picked up within 3 months of the last bottle release.
Tentative Release Plans
Peaches, Mangos, and Agave Wild Ale Lambic-Inspired wild ale refermented with a ridiculous amount of fruit and blue agave nectar. 9% ABV
Biere de Coupage Batch 3 Solera Style Wild Ale blended from our first batches (Broken Tail, Golden Eyes, Dinkel Wheat, and Biere d’Avril, and topped off first with Past & Future Saison and most recently Dinkel Wheat Saison. 6% ABV
Frederiksdal Cherry Wine Barrel Aged Wild Ale Lambic-Inspired wild ale aged in French Oak barrels that previously held spontaneous cherry wine. 6% ABV
Shiraz Barrel-Aged Artistic Bugs with Black Raspberries Strong Golden Ale aged in a freshly emptied Shiraz wine barrel and refermented with black raspberries. 10% ABV
Mezcal Barrel Aged El Cuate Strong Ale with blue agave nectar aged in a French oak barrel that first held Sauvignon Blanc wine before aging Anejo Mezcal. 12% ABV
1 Release TBD