Odd Breed Wild Ales

Moras / Tie Rack / Moritas


Moras started life as a blend of two golden wild ales aged for several months in neutral French Oak puncheons. After blending the two beers we added a massive amount of blackberries and allowed the blend to referment the fruit to dryness over a period of 3 months before bottle conditioning. Unmistakably fruity in the glass with a garnet hue and notes of earthy spice, French oak tannins, and blackberry jam. 5%.

Tie Rack

Tie Rack is a Spelt Saison aged on spent cherries and raspberries that were initially refermented by two sour red ales. Refermenting on spent, rather than fresh fruit still provides a vibrant color and aroma of cherries and raspberries, but the fruit notes are subtle and well integrated with the funky and tropical notes from our mixed culture. Firm acidity and lively carbonation make this beer very refreshing in the hot Florida sun. 5.5%.


Moritas is our Spelt Saison aged on second use blackberries. After we refermented a blended golden ale on heaps of fresh blackberries to create Moras, we transferred the beer off fruit and then immediately added our Spelt Saison on top of the spent fruit. Aging on second use blackberries adds a little color and a subtle berry note to this very funky, tart, and highly drinkable Saison. 5.5%.