Odd Breed Wild Ales

COVID-19 UPDATE: As instructed by our Governor, we are temporarily closing our tasting room for on-site consumption. However, we will remain open for t0-go pickup or for pickup of bottles purchased online. Our temporary hours are until further notice:

Thursday 4-8 PM

Friday 4-8 PM

Saturday Noon-4 PM

Sunday 1-4 PM

We appreciate your support during these challenging times. 

Mango Marauder

Mango Marauder

We started with two of our golden wild ales brewed with Imported Pilsner, malted rye, raw wheat, and aged hops. Both beers were aged in two of our large French Oak puncheons for a year before blending and transferring onto 580 pounds of organic Kent Mango chunks. At 2.5 pounds of Mangoes per gallon of beer, the notes of tropical mango are very prevalent but don’t overwhelm the base beer. 

Pours golden, slightly hazy, and highly effervescent with aromatics of overripe mango and papaya. The palate is a tropical medley of freshly cut mango, pineapple juice, and pumelo fruit, before finishing with notes of funky aged hops and Brettanomyces. Moderate acidity and French oak tannins round out this fruity and funky beer. 

Bottles will go on sale on our website at 9am on Saturday, and we’ll also have bottles for sale in our taproom. Bottles are $25 each with a limit of 6 per person.