Odd Breed Wild Ales

Bière d' Avril / Past & Future

Bière d’ Avril

Brewed with a combination of floor malted Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts along with a blend of European noble hops. This beer underwent primary fermentation with our favorite lager yeast, and after lagering we transferred to neutral French oak puncheons with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria. This wild lager is medium bodied with smooth malt undertones, and our mixed culture displays our characteristic Brett funk with a tart but not sour finish.  6.2%.

Past & Future

Our flagship Saison is rooted in the past but with a nod towards what we believe Saison should be: citrusy, dry, tart, and effervescent with great drinkability. Brewed with imported Pilsener malt, domestic raw wheat, rye, and flaked oats; bittered with aged German hops and fresh Czech Saaz added for aroma.  Aged in French oak puncheons.  5%.