Odd Breed Wild Ales

COVID-19 UPDATE: As instructed by our Governor, we are temporarily closing our tasting room for on-site consumption. However, we will remain open for t0-go pickup or for pickup of bottles purchased online. Our temporary hours are until further notice:

Thursday 4-8 PM

Friday 4-8 PM

Saturday Noon-4 PM

Sunday 1-4 PM

We appreciate your support during these challenging times. 



MORAS Many people have asked when we will make a fruit beer… Well, we have several in process! So why has it taken us so long to have fruit beers…

Quick Update

quick update You may have noticed that we haven’t posted a blog entry since opening. That certainly wasn’t our plan, but we’ve been busy.  Fortunately, we are starting to find…


Welcome Odd Breed Wild Ales will be one of just a handful of breweries in the country focusing exclusively on producing wild ales that are fermented and aged in oak.…