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COVID-19 UPDATE: As instructed by our Governor, we are temporarily closing our tasting room for on-site consumption. However, we will remain open for t0-go pickup or for pickup of bottles purchased online. Our temporary hours are until further notice:

Thursday 4-8 PM

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We appreciate your support during these challenging times. 

Rare Bottle Club Is Back!

Odd Breed Wild Ales is proud to announce open membership availability for Rare Bottle Club.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to be members of the first edition, you know what a special club this is – some of the finest wild ales on the planet made exclusively available to you, along with several other perks. Many of you have already renewed your membership, and we thank you very much!

For those who did not have the pleasure of being first edition members, now is the time to sign up. Go to our shop by clicking on SHOP above, or surf to shop.oddbreed.com. There are a limited number of memberships available, so sign up now while you still can!

Here’s what is included in the Second Edition of the Rare Bottle Club:

•6 Unique Beer Releases available to club members only

                – 3 releases will be in 375 ml bottles

                – 3 releases will be in 750 ml bottles

                – 2 bottles of each release for a total of 12 bottles !

•1 RBC T-shirt

•2 RBC Glasses

•10% off Draft beer in Taproom

•Early Access to Bottle Releases (online)

•Access to limited, member exclusive release that will not be sold to the public

•Option to pick up the bottles yourself or assign a proxy to do so for you

•We allow all bottles to be picked up at the end of the club if they are picked up within 3 months of the last release.

•First dibs on Third Edition Rare Bottle Club

All for $300 + Florida Sales Tax

  • While unlikely, bottle release format is subject to change
  • Total of 6,750 ml of beer will be distributed
  • Second Edition Membership will conclude when 6,750ml of beer has been distributed


We will be brewing Rare Bottle Club beers exclusively for members and not for the general public. Any excess bottles from batches will be either made available to members for purchase or cellared for later “club only” vintage releases. 


Fees for our bottle club are not refundable and memberships cannot be cancelled by members for any reason. We can’t think of many reasons to cancel anyone’s membership ourselves, but we do reserve the right to do so.

Tentative Beer Release Plans:

-2x 375s Biere de Coupage Batch 2

Biere de Coupage is our Solera Style wild ale. This beer was created by blending some of Odd Breed’s first beers into one 500L French Oak Puncheon on November 8th of 2017. Broken Tail (wild witbier), Golden Eyes (golden wild ale), Dinkel Wheat (spelt saison), and Biere d’Avril (wild lager) were used in the original blend, and on May 15th of 2018, two thirds of the puncheon was emptied to create Biere de Coupage Batch 1. That same day the puncheon was then refilled with Past & Future, our flagship saison. As such, Batch 2 of Biere de Coupage is a blend of one third Biere de Coupage Batch 1 (now barrel aged for a total of 20 months) and two thirds Past & Future barrel aged for 14 months. Because these blends mingled together for 14 months in the same barrel, the resulting beer is more cohesive and complex than what could be achieved from simply blending Batch 1 of Biere de Coupage with 14-month barrel aged Past & Future. 5.5%  ETA October/November 2019

-2x 375s Wild Lager w/Angelcots (White-Flesh Apricots)

For this beer we are utilizing a special version of Biere d’Avril (our wild lager) that was brewed in June of 2017, and barrel aged for 21 months. We then refermented on Angelcots at a rate of 3 pounds per gallon of beer. Angelcots are a unique varietal of white-flesh apricots from California that are incredibly juicy with a sweet honey, almost tangerine-like flavor. They have a very short growing season and this specialty varietal was not easy to acquire.  Apricots are a high acid fruit, so to balance the acidity of the fruit we picked our wild lager as our base beer, which has soft acidity and layers of Brett funk with pronounced French oak tannins. 6.5%   ETA November/December 2019

-2x 750s Mango Golden Wild Ale Dry Hopped with Wet Hops

We blended a couple of our golden wild ales aged 14 months in French Oak puncheons, and then refermented with organic mangos at a rate of 2.5 pounds per gallon. After refermenting the mangos, this beer will be transferred to a tank filled with fresh, wet hops. The varietal of wet hops chosen will depend on crop quality and availability, and a hop which enhances the tropical notes from the mangos will be used. Wet hops are picked at peak ripeness and then flown overnight from the Yakima Valley in Washington State, so that they can be added to our beer within 24 hours of being picked from the bine. Compared to dried hops, wet hops feature unique, intense aromatics and flavors that typically exude notes of ripe stone fruit, melon, and citrus. Some people may remember a Citra wet hopped beer I made four years ago, which had delicious notes of gooseberries, sauvignon blanc, and mandarin orange. The logistics of overnighting wet hops to Florida make this a challenging undertaking, but the results are worth the effort. Unlike other wet hopped beers, wild ales that are dry hopped with wet hops age surprisingly well. 6.5%   ETA January/February 2020

-2x 750s Halo Kibbles/Moras Blended into freshly emptied Pinot Noir barrels w/Black Currants and Black Mulberries

We blended an equal amount of Halo Kibbles (golden wild ale with 2.5 pounds per gallon of red raspberries) and Moras (golden wild ale with 2.5 pounds per gallon of blackberries) into freshly emptied French oak Pinot Noir barrels, and refermented in those barrels with Black Currants and Black Mulberries. The second round of fruit refermentation in fresh Pinot Noir barrels ensures that this blend will be redolent of fresh berries and red wine, with plenty of tannins and jammy juices. This beer is blended from four brews with different recipes– the oldest part of this blend is over 24 months old, while the youngest portion is 18 months old.    6.5%     ETA February/March 2020

-2x 375s Lambic Inspired Spontaneous beer w/Black Raspberries 

On January 3rd of 2018 we created our first spontaneous beer at Odd Breed, and to be certain that this is a true spontaneous beer and not inoculated with our house mixed culture, we aged the beer in freshly emptied French Oak Sangiovese wine puncheons that were imported from Italy. We refermented this beer with Black Raspberries at a rate of 2 pounds per gallon of beer. Black Raspberries provide a deeper color, more tannins, and a blackberry jam note that is missing from the more typical red varietal of raspberries. While this beer is fruit forward, the turbid mash and aged hops, along with Pompano terroir and 2 years of aging, make this an incredibly unique and complex beer. This beer is as close as we can get to making a Lambic in Florida. (True Lambic can only be made within the Senne Valley in Belgium) 6.5%     ETA March/April 2020

-2x 750s TBD